Neuroscience Research Colloquia Schedule for 2012 – 2013

All talks are held in the Brain Research Centre Conference Centre, unless otherwise noted.

Date Host Speaker Title Time
Sept. 7  Judy Illes Dr. Michael Zigmond, Univ. of Pittsburg School of Medicine Exercise as a neuroprotective intervention for neurodegenerative disease: Studies in models of Parkinson’s disease 11am-12pm
Sept. 14  Shernaz Bamji Dr. Jaideep Bains, Univ. of Calgary  Neuromodulators, synaptic plasticity and stress 11am-12pm
Oct. 5  Kiran Soma Dr. George Bentley, Univ. of California, Berkeley  GnIH action in vertebrate brain, pituitary and gonads  11am-12pm
Oct. 12   No Seminar – SFN    
Oct. 19   No Seminar – SFN    
Nov. 2

Liisa Galea and Joanne Weinberg

Dr. Susan Andersen, McLeans Hospital, Harvard The effects of adverse experience on the developing brain and their role in adolescent depression  10am-11am
Nov. 9  Miriam Spering Dr. Douglas Munoz, Queen’s Univ. Using eye movements to probe brain function and dysfunction  11am-12pm
Nov. 16  Max Cynader Dr. Nick Rawlins, Univ. of Oxford, England

Dissecting memory using glutamate receptor knockouts


Nov. 23 Max Cynader  Dr. Brian Cairns,  UBC  Neurotrophins as a target for the treatment of pain 11am-12pm
Nov. 30 Dan Goldowitz  Dr. Nathan Fox, Univ. of Maryland The impact of psychosocial deprivation on the developing brain and behavior: Lessons from the Bucharest Early Intervention Project 11am-12pm
Dec. 7 Jeremy Seamans  Dr. Mark Laubach, Yale University Adaptive Control and the Medial Prefrontal Cortex 11am-12pm
Dec. 14  Liisa Galea Dr. Sheena Josselyn, Univ. of Toronto Making and breaking memories 11am-12pm
Jan. 4 Neil Cashman Horatio Bach, PhD, Director of the IIRC Antibody Engineering Facility, UBC Single-chain antibodies: The next generation of research and diagnostic antibodies 11am-12pm
Jan. 11 Dan Goldowitz Dr. Brian Link, Anatomy Medical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee Polarized signaling, organelle dynamics, and apical domain size of progenitor cells cooperate during neurogenesis 11am-12pm
Jan. 25  Liisa Galea Dr. Paul Frankland, Univ. of Toronto Adult neurogenesis and hippocampal memory  11am-12pm
Feb. 1 Naznin Virji-Babul  Dr. Paul van Donkelaar,  UBC Okanagan  Biomechanical, neurocognitive, and sensorimotor deficits following concussion  11am-12pm
Feb. 8 Michael Gordon Dr. Lisa Stowers, The Scripps Research Institute 

Specialized odors and neural mechanisms that generate innate behavior 

Mar. 1 Stephanie Borgland Dr. Scott Sternson, Janelia Farms  Deconstruction of neural circuits for hunger  11am-12pm
Mar. 8 Stephanie Borgland  Dr. Garrett Stuber, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Dissecting the neural circuits that mediate reward and aversion 11am-12pm
Mar. 15 Michael Gordon  Dr. Anandasankar Ray, Univ. California, Riverside Receptors, neurons and genes for olfactory behavior and learning in insects  11am-12pm
Mar. 22 Max Cynader Dr. Craig Brown, Univ. of Victoria  Working towards more realistic animal models of stroke: Understanding how diabetes and anesthetics influence stroke recovery 11am-12pm
Apr. 5  Miriam Spering Dr. Mel Goodale, Univ. of Western Ontario Blindsight in action: What patients with damage to primary visual cortex tell us about the neural substrates of visually guided actions.  11am-12pm
Apr. 12 Matt Farrer Dr. Sahara Naruhiko,  Univ. of Florida Challenge of tau research in neurodegenerative diseases: seeking a “toxic” form of tau protein 11am-12pm
Apr. 19  Kurt Haas Mei Zhen, Univ. Toronto The developmental and circuit control of rhythmic movements 11am-12pm
Apr. 26 n/a n/a n/a 11am-12pm
May 3 Jeremy Seamans  Dr. Bruno Averbeck,  NIMH/NIH, MD Action selection and action value in frontal-striatal circuits 11am-12pm
May 10 Weihong Song Dr. Zixu Mao,  Emory Univ., Atlanta, Georgia  The real estate of survival business: novel molecular circuitry of neuronal stress response and therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases 11am-12pm
May 17 Dan Goldowitz Dr. Guoping Feng, MIT, Cambridge, MA Dissecting synaptic and circuitry mechanisms of psychiatric disorders 11am-12pm
May 31 Miriam Spering  Dennis Levi, Univ. of California, Berkeley  Removing the brakes on plasticity in the adult visual system  11am-12pm
Jun 14 Naznin Virji-Babul Dr. Alan Wing,  Univ. of Birmingham, UK Apraxia rehabilitation: the development of a system for guiding activities of daily living 11am-12pm
Thurs July 18 Wilfred Jefferies  Dr. Dara Dickstein, Mount Sinai Hess Center for Science and Medicine  The Goldilocks effect: regulation of the structure and function of synapses by the amyloid precursor protein (APP)  11am- 12pm 

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